Who AM I?

There once was a blue elephant named Burt. He likes ice cream and pretending he is magic.


Seriously, sometimes when Burt is doing the washing he yells 'double, double toil and trouble; fire burn, and caldron bubble' when he's pouring bubblegum scented fabric softener into the washing machine because he likes his pink pyjamas to be soft and cuddly.

But enough about Burt! My name is Matilda, I'm a graphic designer, visual artist and the face behind Blue Elephant Designs. I also like ice cream and pretending I'm magic!

I have a Bachelor of Design from Whitehouse Institute of Design, Melbourne and a Bachelor of Visual Arts from Deakin University, Geelong. I'm a little bit weird and I just love looking at the world in a slightly different way. Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism, Modernist and Contemporary styles are my jam because it's so much more fun turning things on their head, on the flip side to that I'm a rather methodical and straightforward person who just likes getting things done!

I'm a little one woman elephant band, working from home, making art and doing what I love. What I love, is working with people who are passionate about what they are doing, people who want to share their talents, passions, healing and creations with the world. Lets be real, Burt is my imaginary friend who sits next to me at the computer whispering 'your lettering isn't straight..'

I believe abstraction is like an unconscious language that tells stories no one knows the plot to. It creates magic worlds and friendly creatures that live under your pot plants and shout gibberish to you while you’re hanging washing on the line.



First and foremost I am a visual artist. I have been making art since I was strapped into a highchair and finger painting with my mashed potatoes. Abstraction is my style and paint is my medium. I like the way you can look into an abstract painting and get lost or confused the way you'd gaze up into the galaxy and wonder what on earth is going on. I find it interesting the way paint can transform the surface of something, I like to use natural materials and transform them into abstract sculptures giving them new life and meaning. You can buy my work through my social media accounts or my online gallery at Artcommon.


I like to get funky with the vectors. Hand drawn graphic art is my thing, it's a little bit abstract and of course incredibly magical. If you want to check out some of my work you can see and buy it all on my Redbubble profile!


Are you setting up a brand spanking new business? Looking for a brand re-vamp? Have a concept you want to make visual? Well I can make it happen! Picture, type or a little bit of both I can design the logo of your dreams.


Need a way to shout out your latest product or event? Are you wanting to let people know what it is you do? I can design business cards, promotional flyers, information pamphlets, you name it I can create it for digital or print media.


Looking for individual and creative visuals for your business social media accounts? I can create custom made quotes, advertising, visual inspiration and whatever else floats your boat for your daily Facebook or Instagram post!

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